FACE™ Exhibition & Technical Interchange Meeting

FACE™ Exhibition & Technical Interchange Meeting


The Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) technical standard and business approach was proven yesterday at the FACE Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) sponsored by NAVAIR at Patuxent River.  Over 30 avionics systems suppliers exhibited their FACE platform solutions at the Solomons Conference Center.  This event is driving the future of the FACE standard, transitioning from building and testing FACE specifications to training users, implementing the standard, and certifying commercial software to be FACE conformant to enable rapid integration of next generation airborne platforms.

The industry-leading organizations exhibiting FACE solutions yesterday were the US Air Force Research Labs (AFRL), BALSA, CoreAVI, DDC-I, Dornerworks, ENSCO Avionics, Esterel Technologies, Green Hills Software, Harris Corporation, Honeywell, Infinite Dimensions Integration, Kihomac, LDRA Technology, Lockheed Martin, Lynx Software Technologies, Mercury Systems, NAVAIR, North Atlantic Industries, Inc., On-Line Applications Research (OAR), Presagis USA Inc., PrismTech, Real-Time Innovations (RTI), Rockwell Collins, Skayl, TES-SAVI, Textron, The Open Group, US Army AMRDEC, US Army PEO Aviation, Vector Software, Verocel, and, of course, Wind River.

A list of what each exhibiting demonstrated at the FACE TIM event is here.

There were also white papers delivered throughout the day. An agenda of these white papers can be found here. The Wind River white paper, presented by Stephen Simi from Tucson Embedded Systems, will describe the integration of Honeywell, RTI, TES=SAVI, and Wind River FACE software on Mercury Systems board.  This integration features the Wind River VxWorks 653 platform that achieved FACE certified conformance of the FACE Operating System Segment (OSS) Safety Base Profile. To date, VxWorks 653 is the only FACE OSS solution this is certified.   More details on this industry-leading certification can be found here.

I look forward to the next event and the continued progress we’re making on the FACE front.