Embedded Virtualization and Developer Workflows

Embedded Virtualization and Developer Workflows


Customers in embedded markets are always looking for ways to reduce cost, innovate and accelerate their device development. A major contributor to this is developer workflows. It is important to make sure that device developers can work efficiently. This includes writing code, debug code and analyze the behavior of the system. Like any person, developers make mistakes, it is important to realize that we make mistakes, find the mistakes quickly and iterate through design alternatives.

Developer workflows have always been important for VxWorks. Developers have a single environment (Wind River Workbench) to build, can do dynamic downloads, access host file system, debug and analyze easily.

These types of iterative development workflows are now also available in the Virtualization Profile for VxWorks, Wind River’s embedded virtualization solution that was announced this week. The Virtualization Profile for VxWorks provides a type-1 embedded hypervisor integrated into VxWorks and this makes it easier than ever to introduce virtualization into your embedded development projects.

Focusing on development workflows, the Virtualization Profile provides

Ease of use – see introduction video

– Integrated into VxWorks, single BSP, single development environment

– interactive, command based run-time configuration

Powerful, iterative workflows – see overview video

– Access to host file system

– Easy guest update

– Easy debugging connections to the entire system

Beyond these, it remains a type 1, embedded hypervisor, so it also provides near native performance for real-time projects. Wind River’s technical team is happy to work with you to show the performance of the virtualization profile for your particular device.

Wind River will be hosting a webcast, titled, “Meeting Today’s IoT Device Challenges with Virtualization and Consolidation,” this Wednesday, August 20. For more information and to register for the webcast, visit http://bit.ly/Y1kyvf.