EclipseCon notes and git

Well, I'm back at my day job at Wind and am doing a little reflection
on what happened last week at EclipseCon. Despite the rumored lower
attendence, I met with pretty much as many people as I do every year,
maybe even slightly more. And hopefully that'll translate into growth
in the CDT community.

And I guess my talk on building communities was a little over the top on
the subject of project "takers" that I had a number of people come up
to me and apologize and offer to contribute in the future. I certainly
didn't mean to offend or criticize. I just wanted to prepare project
contributors that there are vendors and people who are happy to take
your work for free and not give anything back. And, while that's
frustrating, with open source licensing there's nothing you can really
do about it but be mentally prepared to see it happen.

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