EclipseCon 2009 and git

in past years, EclipseCon 2009 was fun, interesting, and exhausting.
Thanks to Darin for organizing 4 days of early morning 3-5 mile runs to
offset the food and beer!

I’m pleased to have made the top 10 tweeters for EclipseCon. Unfortunately, my friends on facebook (a) know without a doubt I’m still
a geek and (b) do not know what the hell I do for a living. I think
perhaps the twitter app in facebook is a bad idea….different community,
different friends, different etiquette.

A quick summary of the conference. I owe the committers my notes from the Board Meeting on Monday and a hearty “thanks!” for re-electing me to the Board for a second term. I remain obligated to do your bidding for another year.

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