EclipseCon 08, we barely knew ye!

It’s a surreal experience to spend 8 months planning
a conference only to have it over in the blink of an eye. Now I know
how the Foundation Staff feels every year!

First, let me highlight a few of my favorite presentations: Diversity, Eclipse 4.0, RTSC, C++ GUI Builder (NAB), and p2.
The Eclipse 4.0 presentation gave us a peek into some ideas for the
next platform. I really like the presentation model changes, but to be
honest, I’m not sold on the "Eclipse over the Web" concept. I’m sure it
will be useful to some in the community, but probably not for the core
tools of the device software development market. That being said, the
platform team appears to be responding to our concerns about diversity and transparency, and I’m looking forward to Wind River helping with the effort.

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