Eclipse in the Clouds?

I'm not going to say much with this one. I'll just refer you to the comments people are adding to Boris's blog entry on his work with Mozilla
to get an experimental IDE running in a browser with an Eclipse-based
server back-end. Is this what developers working in the embedded and
desktop space are asking for? Not that I've heard. And neither do a
number of the commenters on Boris's article. Some of them are putting
it in much prettier words than I could say without getting into

That's why it is so critical for those of us in the
Eclipse community who support such users to make sure Eclipse continues
to work well and to improve in the areas that cause them pain. Is the
future of enterprise development so different from desktop and embedded
that it requires such radical architectures? Maybe so. If that's true,
we need to hold our ground and ensure we don't get dragged down a path
we can't be going.

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