DSDP: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Following up on today’s announcement of milestones
in three of the DSDP projects—eRCP 1.0, MTJ 0.7, and TM 1.0—I thought
I’d take a moment to reflect on DSDP…how it started, where it is today,
and where it’s heading. First, let me start with a timeline of project events.

March 2005. Unofficially, the DSDP project got its start at a BoF session during EclispeCon last year. At
the BoF, several device software tools vendors assembled to discuss the
need for more embedded-specific functionality in Eclipse, specifically
in the debugging area. There was acknowledgment
of CDT and its extensive contribution to tooling in the embedded space,
but there was also a desire to see more enhancements in the Eclipse
Platform and more of a breadth of functionality around device software
development. Shortly after EclipseCon, Wind River proposed the DSDP project and its two initial sub-projects, Target Management and Device Debugging. The TM project set out to build a framework and UI for managing remote embedded devices. The
DD project initially focused on working with the Eclipse Platform Debug
team to create a more customizable debugging framework in the Platform.

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