December 2008 Board Meeting

Eclipse Board of Directors just completed our Q4
face-to-face in San Francisco. This was a 2-day meeting jammed with
topics. I’ve focused this tome mostly on the committer-related issues.
Watch for the official board minutes, and my apologies for the length. Board topics:

  • Project Plans and the Roadmap
  • Industry Working Groups and the Eclipse Mobile Working Group
  • Miscellaneous procedural items, including updates on ESE 08 and EclipseCon 09
  • The Galileo release and the newly-revived Architecture Council
  • Budget and executive compensation review
  • EPIC proposal for improvements
  • Annual Strategic Developer reports
  • Discussion on Strategic Developer contributions to the common good

The Board approved the following amendment to the Eclipse Development Process:

any Project to pass a Continuation Review, Graduation Review or Release
Review it must have a current project plan, in the format specified by
the EMO, available to the community.

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