Creating the Next Generation Automotive Cockpit

Creating the Next Generation Automotive Cockpit


The automotive landscape is undergoing a software revolution. Consumers are coming to expect a connected lifestyle in every aspect of their lives including inside their car. The importance of software is growing as it is becoming the key to creating unique driving experiences.

Wind River Helix Cockpit is a Linux based offering targeting in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), telematics, and digital cluster environments. In our discussions with numerous people in IVI software roles at auto manufacturers  and tier-1 suppliers, it is clear that reducing time-to-market, rapid adoption of key customer demanded features, and addressing increasing security risks are the fundamental platform requirements.

Our solution is based upon the knowledge that open source represents the best foundation for systems that must keep pace with today’s accelerated pace of innovation and deliver on the latest consumer-demanded features, as well as industry leading device security and connectivity capabilities.  We also believe that open source best addresses the market needs for software lifecycle management and leveraging open ecosystems.

Helix Cockpit is available with support on the latest next generation Intel Atom processors. Support for additional architectures will be available in the coming months.  As the infotainment device is so central to the in-car experience and consumer purchase decisions, having the right product foundation is critical for any device initiative today.

Helix Cockpit provides a secure platform to develop the complex IVI systems for the next generation of automobile and ultimately, allows our auto customers to get to market faster. We welcome folks to reach out to us and keep up to date on Helix Cockpit and our other offerings in our Helix Chassis product family and how they can make a difference for your business and your customers.