Climber makes "worlds highest mobile phone call"

Mobile telephony reached another frontier yesterday when the British climber Rod Baber set a new record by making the world’s highest land-based mobile phone call from the summit of Everest. According to his sponsor (Motorola) Rod Baber made a call from 29,035 feet (8848 metres) to a voicemail box. You can listen to his message via a link on the BBC website.

It would seem that the phone call was well outside of the normal
operating envelope for both the caller (who dialed prepared speed dial
numbers using a small pointer because it was too cold to remove his
gloves) and the phone itself (Mr. Baber had to tape the batteries to
his arm to ensure that they remained warm enough to operate the phone).
Mr. Baber also called home to his family as well as sending the world’s
highest land-based SMS message reading "One small text for man, one
giant leap for mobilekind – thanks Motorola".

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