Busting the Myths around VxWorks #4: VxWorks reliability


I don’t think we are promoting the reliability of our products well enough. In particular, a key attribute and value of VxWorks is its reliability. Being a newcomer to Wind River my colleagues here were surprised to hear that the reliability of VxWorks would have been called into question. Being on the inside, of course, I am now aware of the various proof points regarding VxWorks’ reliability:

  • VxWorks has been built into over a billion devices.  VxWorks has been in more devices than any other RTOS and been on the market for more than 20 years.  Assuming linear growth and at least 25% of these devices are still on the market, VxWorks has over 2 Trillion (2×1012) hours in operation (that is 250 million years!)

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