Busting the Myths around VxWorks #2: Support for Multicore


I’ve heard from our sales team that even our own customers
are not aware of VxWorks' support for Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP). SMP, for
those not clear on the terminology is one way to run an operating system on a
multi-processor or multicore platform. In the SMP case, there is one copy of
the operating system running and it is responsible for scheduling all of the tasks
running on all of the CPUs /cores. In fact, VxWorks has supported SMP for over
two years and has been deployed in mission-critical products already. Our
VxWorks SMP solution includes load balancing and the ability to map tasks to
specific cores plus VxWorks SMP can allocate a task solely to a core, if
needed. Wind River has the strongest ecosystem in the RTOS market and we plan
to have VxWorks SMP running on all key multicore silicon.

What about AMP?

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