Announcing the VPP Project

Earlier this year, I attended a workshop sponsored by ECSI (European Electronic Chips & Systems design Initiative) on the proliferation of SystemOnChip debug standards.
My purpose in going was to describe the DSDP project and to
specifically talk about the Debugger Services Framework being built in DSDP-DD.  At this workshop, I met Mark Burton, head of GreenSocs – a company driving open API’s and Infrastructure standards in ESL
community. Mark’s company straddles the familiar line between
commercial development and open source / open standards work. Mark is
now proposing a new project under DSDP called Virtual Prototyping Platform (VPP).  Please check out the proposal and add your comments and questions to the VPP newsgroup.  This is a new area for DSDP, and I’m excited about the potential.

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