An ARM on Family Day

It’s “Family Day” here in Ontario, Canada, and while my one son is over
at his buddy’s house and my other son is watching game trailers and my
wife is out for lunch with the girls, I’m sitting here enjoying the day
off. I’m sure we’ll do something family-ish later today…

Anyway, I just read about TI’s new family of chips, the OMAP4.
The big news is that this is the first time TI has jumped on ARM’s
multi-core bandwagon and the mixture of parts going into these SOCs is
quite impressive. You have PowerVR’s venerable SXG OpenGL ES 2.0
engine, image processing, and enough power to play 1080p video. As the
TI guys says in the article, this type of architecture
really will start to blur the lines between smartphones and MIDs (and
even makes me wonder about the set-top box market). It looks like we’ll
be seeing some pretty exciting products ahead.

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