Affirmed Networks, Wind River Bond Accelerates Network Transformation and Cuts TCO by 50% for CSPs

Affirmed Networks, Wind River Bond Accelerates Network Transformation and Cuts TCO by 50% for CSPs


Network transformation, which includes Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) deployment, is a hot topic among communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide. Accelerating the deployment of NFV solutions is crucial to evolution and better utilization through software-defined services.

The partnership between Affirmed Networks and Wind River unites our best-of-breed solutions to help accelerate this transformation by allowing service providers to leverage NFV without sacrificing the reliability and performance of hardware networking solutions.

Realizing the Promise of NFV for Service Providers

Collaborating through the Titanium Cloud ecosystem, Affirmed helps vendors and operators enjoy NFV’s transformational benefits, with carrier-grade uptime and reliability, and the highest level of interoperability with other pre-validated NFV elements, as well as accelerated time-to-market for new services, sophisticated load balancing, and the ability to scale capacity up or down on demand.

The combination of Affirmed and Wind River helps network operators achieve a fifty percent lower total cost of ownership vs. legacy equipment.

Affirmed Networks’ unique vEPC solution combined with Wind River Titanium Cloud features software-based solutions that can be deployed on commercial-off-the-shelf servers and managed virtualized environment for much higher efficiencies of scale and cost.

Other highlights include 3GPP-compliant Serving GRPS Support Node and Mobile Entity Management functions, 3GPP-compliant Gateway GPRS Support Node, and more. In addition, Affirmed’s Virtual Probe dramatically reduces hardware costs, network complexity, and performance issues associated with separate network appliance probes. Affirmed Service Automation Platform lets operators create and launch customized multi-service offerings in days. Network operators can automate new service configurations using pre-defined “recipes” and seamlessly orchestrate those changes across both physical and virtual network elements. Other functions include policy control, authentication authorization, and much more.

The Goal: Meet Performance Demands, Maintain Reliability, and Launch Services Faster

Our combined Mobile Content Cloud and Titanium Cloud solution ensures mobile networks can meet the highest performance demands, even under peak workloads, while maintaining the reliability needs of a telecommunications solution. With Affirmed and Wind River, Network Functions Virtualization deployments will never be the same!