A Technology Trade Show without the Trade Show Experience? Finally, the Dog Is Eating the Dog Food

I’ve been going to technology trade shows for several years
now. Recently I’ve found myself attending and participating in shows that
promote 3G and 4G technologies for next-generation networking. The common
themes are usually about enabling a richer broadband experience using voice,
video, data, and other multimedia content—whatever people can dream up. For the
most part consumers have been very clever at how they leverage all this
broadband capability. YouTube is a perfect example.

It finally looks like the technology companies that enable
this richer broadband experience are learning how to leverage what they helped
create. A great example of this is the ATCA Worldwide virtual trade show.
ATCA, which stands for Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture, is
one of the key industry standards being used for the equipment going into the
next-generation network infrastructure. It is this infrastructure that is
enabling more and more network bandwidth.

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