A look at WebKit

A few days ago, I was playing with Google's V8 JavaScript VM library and got it compiling with MinGW in Wascana. I submitted the patch to make it work but I haven't heard back. I guess it could be the Christmas break.

But one thing that struck me odd recently was an announcement that the next rev of Android would include WebKit's SquirrelFish Javascript VM.
I guess that shouldn't be too surprising since SquirrelFish comes with
Webkit. But then why is there ARM support (the CPU for Android) in V8?
And if they are using SquirrelFish for Android, why don't they use the
souped up SquirrelFish Extreme
for Chrome? Especially since there are benchmarks showing it beating
V8. I'm confused and can only chalk it up to Google being a big company
and maybe the Android people don't hang out with the Chrome people.

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