A Legacy Of Titans


Calif. – NASA's Galileo spacecraft began what would become a 14-year
odyssey of exploration 20 years ago this Sunday, Oct. 18. Galileo was
humanity's first emissary to orbit a planet in the outer solar system –
Jupiter. (Read More)

years ago I was just starting to work with a remarkably small, very
unix-like kernel from this *tiny* company in Emeryville (near
Berkeley).  You could run it with a 68020SBC and a single 2MB memory
board, a computer costing perhaps only twenty thousand dollars.  It was
incredibly fast (considering the hardware) and even supported
networking.  It was called VxWorks, and it just came out with a "Wind"
kernel.  Back then, no-one was talking much about sending commercial
off-the-shelf stuff into space.

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