A Day in a Life as Product Management Intern

A Day in a Life as Product Management Intern

This week we interviewed intern Salma Marzouk to give us more insight into her experience at Wind River this summer.

Salma Marzouk (SM): My name is Salma Marzouk and I’m a Product Management intern at Wind River. I study Science and Business at the University of Waterloo, and have previously completed internships in healthcare, biotech, and international affairs.

What made you interested in Wind River?

SM: My aspiration is to make a global impact across industries, and my passion for tech brought me to Wind River. From medical breakthroughs to the Mars landings, Wind River not only powers billions of devices today, but it will continue to serve many generations to come through mission-critical intelligent systems. Changing the world no longer feels like a big goal.

What makes Wind River’s internship unique?

SM: I’m pleasantly surprised at the level of autonomy I’m given as an intern at Wind River. Since day 1, my team has trusted me to help define strategies and participate in decisions that impact the product. I’m grateful to work with kind, passionate people who believe in me and empower me to succeed.

What do you enjoy about your role?

SM: I enjoy solving problems by working at the intersection of multiple functions and driving ideas from ideation to launch. No two days are ever the same, which keeps me challenged and engaged. I’ve also met so many amazing people because of the highly collaborative nature of the role.

What technologies and programs are you working on at Wind River?

SM: I’m working on a global software distribution platform. I’m currently leading a few aspects of the product, including a user interface for software submissions, a backend interface for managing installations, a licensing proof of concept, login centralization, and re-branding. I’m truly thankful for the endless mentorship and support from an incredible team: Warren Thompson, Steve Lynch, Nick Doyle, Mahmood Salehi, Crystal Rutland, Jeffrey Mullins, Tim Klassen, and Luis Fernandez.

What advice do you have for students who are interested in Wind River?

SM: Don’t be afraid to explore any interests you may have – that’s what internships are for! Wind River hires 50+ interns every term and there is bound to be a role that resonates with you. No matter your field of study, I highly encourage you to explore opportunities at Wind River, because it’s not only a great place to learn and grow, but to also truly make an impact.