Wind River Linux LTS21 Receives Certification for FACE Version 3.1 Open Standard

Wind River Linux, the industry-leading open-source operating system for embedded systems, has been validated against the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Version 3.1 standard. This development underscores Wind River's commitment to providing open solutions for the aerospace and defense industries.

The Importance of FACE:  The Open Group FACE standard provides a common framework for creating and deploying software applications across a wide range of avionics platforms. The underlying goal of FACE is to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and accelerated time-to-market for next-generation airborne systems. Wind River Linux demonstrates its ability to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace and defense industry while embracing open standards and fostering collaboration.

Benefits for Aerospace and Defense Applications: The certification of Wind River Linux for FACE Version 3.1 brings numerous advantages to the aerospace and defense communities:

  1. Enhanced Interoperability: With standardized interfaces, Wind River Linux enables seamless integration of software components, promoting interoperability between various avionics systems. This streamlines the development process and enables the reuse of proven software modules across different platforms.
  2. Increased Reusability: FACE certification allows developers to leverage existing software assets, significantly reducing time and costs associated with developing new applications.
  3. Accelerate Time-to-Market: Aerospace and defense companies can streamline their development cycles. By building on open standards, developers can be confident that new software components will integrate with existing infrastructure, shortening the time needed to design, integrate, and test avionics systems and ultimately accelerating the deployment of new capabilities.

Wind River is committed to open standards. Wind River had previously validated Wind River Linux LTS19, the Helix Virtualization Platform (HVP) and VxWorks 653 2.5 against the older FACE 3.0 standard.

Wind River is dedicated to enable our customer development of cutting-edge solutions based on  VxWorks, Helix Virtualization, Wind River Linux, and Wind River Studio for the aerospace and defense industries. With Wind River Linux, developers can harness the power of an industry-leading open-source operating system to drive interoperability, reusability, and accelerated time-to-market for their avionics systems.

As the aerospace industry continues to evolve, Wind River remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower developers, foster collaboration, and advance the state-of-the-art in avionics software development. The FACE certification for Wind River Linux further solidifies Wind River’s position as a trusted partner for the aerospace and defense community, enabling the realization of next-generation airborne capabilities.

Try out Wind River Linux today. Free downloads of Wind River Linux are available at https://www.windriver.com/studio/edge-devices/linux-os  You can choose between the source-based distribution builder, Wind River Linux LTS, or as prebuilt binaries in Wind River Linux Distro.

FACE certification

About the author 

Jay Kruemcke is a Senior Product Line Manager at Wind River