Wind River Enabling Edge AI Applications For 5G Networks with NVIDIA

Wind River Enabling Edge AI Applications For 5G Networks with NVIDIA

By Jeff Gowan, Wind River


5G is complex, and that’s an understatement to say the least. Some of the biggest pieces of complexity that service providers and the businesses they serve are wrestling with include, “How will 5G help me make money?” and once they figure that out, “How do I put all the moving pieces together?”

To help answer the question above, Wind River is partnering with NVIDIA to enable edge AI applications for 5G, edge, and industry 4.0.

By 2025, GSMA expects there will be over 24 billion edge connections, and 20% of them will be 5G. Gartner anticipates 50% of enterprise data will be processed at the edge by 2022. The Ericsson market compass report projects the manufacturing industry alone will present a $132 billion 5G addressable market by 2030. The stakes are high and the market is moving quickly, and leveraging the right ecosystems is the only way to fully realize the value.

At NVIDIA GTC, April 12-16, Wind River and NVIDIA have three sessions (a presentation, a panel and a demo) where we will present some new capabilities we are enabling together with the right ecosystem.

The presentation session is titled “The Intelligent Edge and 5G Enabling a Hyper-Connected World” (S31716).  This session will review some of the key opportunities Wind River and NVIDIA are collaborating on, including enabling edge-AI transformation, intelligent video analytics (IVA), and extended reality for a variety of different environments. Our work combines NVIDIA GPU-accelerated AI and graphics applications from the NVIDIA partner ecosystem, powered by Wind River Studio, a production-grade Kubernetes cloud platform for managing edge cloud infrastructure integrated with orchestration and analytics for operators to deploy and manage their intelligent edge networks globally.

Dr. Nermin Mohamed from Wind River will join the panel session titled “Is AI at the Edge the Killer App for 5G?” (S31931). Joining her on this panel will be representatives from Google, Mavenir, NVIDIA, and Verizon Media. The panel will be moderated by the CTO of GSMA. The panel guests will discuss what the intersection of AI, 5G and edge means for the telecom industry.

We will also have a demonstration session, “Enabling the Multi-Service Edge,” (S32165) which includes the components mentioned above running on Dell XE2024 servers. For the demo we’ve included an IVA application from Chooch as well as an extended reality application from ESI. This demonstration illustrates how a combination of integrated edge technology can help keep a manufacturing facility running safely and efficiently by providing PPE enforcement and enhancing product design collaboration and review.

We hope you will join the live event if possible to give you the opportunity to ask questions and engage with our experts. Otherwise the sessions will be available on-demand