Looking forward to Aerospace Tech Week Europe 2024

The aerospace community will gather again in Munich on April 17-18 for the Aerospace Tech Week Europe 2024 conference and exhibition. I’m really looking forward to hear about the regulatory updates and technology innovations since last year’s conference.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have received some negative coverage in the mainstream media due to inappropriate bias input into Large Language Models which has produced some incorrect and controversial results. However, it’s important to distinguish between those large language models being used for general-purpose interactions compared to the use of constrained AI for dedicated functions in very specific aerospace system use cases which offer significant potential for increased operational efficiencies and reducing pilot workload. This can include real-time analytics of aircraft data for predictive maintenance, and use of AI to assess avionics systems behaviours and to present a coherent view to the pilot to reduce their workload.

I’m particularly looking forward to the Avionics Track presentation in by Guillaume Soudain about EASA’s AI Roadmap (given EUROCAE Working Group 114’s related work on AI standards development), and also several presentations across multiple tracks about the use of AI/ML in predictive maintenance, automated flight operations and cybersecurity in aviation. Cybersecurity continues to be a recurring theme, especially given the increasing reliance on automated systems and emerging security threats.

This year’s event will also be very significant for Wind River, as we will be delivering three presentations:

  • Mixing modern multicore processors with open architectures: Experiences of developing a state-of-the-art smart avionics display
    Presented by Dominiek Saelens of ScioTeq and myself.
  • Airbus A3R: A multicore safety certification case study
    Presented by my colleague Massimiliano De Otto and Andrés Morán Valero of Airbus Defence & Space.
  • Using Linux in Safety Critical Systems, up to DAL-D or can we go higher?
    Presented by my colleague Olivier Charrier.

Check out the conference programme  for the current schedule and come along to hear the talks and ask questions.

Additionally, drop by the Wind River exhibition stand for a chat. We will have two new technical white papers to share, a joint paper by myself, Dominiek Saelens and Damian Fozard of CoreAVI about the smart avionics display case study; and a second joint paper by Stefan Harwarth of Wind River and Dan Wright of Rapita Systems about mitigation of interference in multicore processors.

Hope to meet you in Munich!


About the author

Paul Parkinson

Paul Parkinson is a Field Engineering Director for Aerospace & Defence for EMEA at Wind River