Test Automation

Wind River Studio simplifies and expedites the testing, verification, and validation of embedded OS platforms and embedded applications through cloud-hosted resources.

Solve the scalability challenges of embedded software testing.

Test your embedded platform software in a virtual lab using shared cloud resources, digital twins, and simulation technologies. Use cloud scalability to accelerate the testing of embedded systems software.

Create Scale and Automation with Digital Twins

Create digital twins of complex systems and speed software development using cloud-scale simulation to test an almost unlimited set of deployment scenarios.

See how to create digital twins to enable software development and system testing in your DevOps environment.

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Create Scale and Automation with Digital Twins

Studio Test Automation provides ubiquitous access to test resources

Test harness access for your entire organization from a single set of APIs that drive automation of the build and test process and can be customized to plug in third-party tools and services.

Cloud-native testing

Test your edge device software using a Kubernetes orchestrated set of test execution containers that can be scaled up and down using cloud resources to optimize test processes.

Capture and analyze data from all test runs

Capture time-to-run, pass rate, and other data to track testing trends, instantly connect between failed tests, and log data to track down the root of the problem.

Wind River Studio Demo Tour

Wind River Studio Demo Tour

Take an interactive tour of some of the key capabilities in Wind River Studio. Experience for yourself Studio Pipeline Manager, build systems, Studio Virtual Lab, digital twins, and more.

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