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Support is foundational to success in a digital world, providing technical expertise and confidence so that companies can focus on innovation and evolving offerings for their customers.


Deploying, maintaining, and evolving intelligent systems is complicated — and the greater the criticality of your project, the more you need different levels of support to achieve success. Wind River® is a trusted partner, helping businesses simultaneously meet SLA commitments and support customers with their own advancing IP.

At Wind River, we focus on minimizing the time-to-resolution of your challenges and shortening your time-to-market. With a 97% customer service rating, we consistently achieve some of the highest support scores in the industry.

Why are we good at customer support?
With decades of experience in deploying and maintaining intelligent systems, we learn your environment and project requirements and assign a designated team to manage and speed your process.

What makes us unique in customer support?
Armed with the deepest and most experienced bench in the industry, we are a true go-to-market partner, providing:

Award-winning support services: Wind River services have been recognized with Service Capability and Performance (SCP) certification, the gold standard in customer support.

24/7 support: With our premium support, you can access subject matter experts and the immediate assistance you need at any time, on any day, at any point in your project's lifecycle.

Your own team: We can provide you with a designated team of senior-level support engineers; a project manager who knows your project’s goals, environment, and business needs and offers biweekly conference calls; responses to critical technical support requests within one business hour; and more.


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