Wind River Helix
Virtualization Platform
for Medical

Product Overview

Advancing Digital Healthcare

Wind River® Helix Virtualization Platform is bringing new intelligence to medical equipment and devices. It provides a single edge compute platform for running multiple applications with mixed levels of criticality, enabling a safe, secure, reliable, and updatable system for innovative, cost-effective healthcare.

Challenges in Medical

For medical device manufacturers, failure is simply not an option—people’s health and lives are at stake. Yet they are challenged to innovate continuously in an increasingly complex and connected environment. To meet this challenge, manufacturers must ensure their devices are safe, secure, and reliable and meet FDA and other regulatory requirements for medical devices, including recent FDA requirements that call for securely, reliably, and cost-effectively building in safety and security update capabilities.

How Helix Platform Can Help

With Helix Platform, medical device architects can use industry-leading virtualization technology to segregate different software applications into independent virtual machines running VxWorks®, Wind River Linux, or other operating systems in separate partitioned processor cores. Manufacturers can then more easily maintain, patch, or replace current software with new safety or security updates, meeting recent FDA requirements for building in update capabilities into medical devices.

USE CASE: Update Capabilities for Medical Devices: Building in Safety and Security to Meet Regulatory Requirements