What to Expect in an Interview at Wind River and How to Prepare

What to Expect in an Interview at Wind River and How to Prepare

Need a refresher on the best practices when it comes to interviews? Wind River's Talent Acquisition team is here to help with some insights.

Importance of preparing for an interview

Being prepared is an important life skill and something you should apply independently of the actual challenge in front of you. When it comes to preparing for an interview, however, it will prevent or minimize any potential hiccups along the way and will allow you to excel during the interview. Preparing ahead of time will:

● Give you a broader range of choices in your responses to potential questions.

● Show your interviewer that you took the time to review your role and its requirements.

● Reduce any interview anxiety you may be experiencing.

What to expect in an interview at Wind River

● Interviews have two components: a cultural section and a technical section.

● Cultural Section: this is a dip into what we call the Wind Way - our company's culture. Personally, for me, it translates into learning and growth opportunities from day one. During this interview, we also get to learn more about your passions, what drives you and why you became interested in applying to Wind River in the first place.

● Technical Section: this is a more structured portion of the discussion covering real-life scenarios. They will be based on the specific role you are applying for, and you should be able to answer questions based on your experience and technical knowledge.

Helpful Tips

1.      Read the job description and responsibilities to ensure this is the right role for you.

2.      Review how your previous work experience best applies to the role. How do the skills that you possess translate into practice? Consider specific scenarios where you have previously put these skills into practice.

3.      Be prepared to answer questions about the professional experience you have listed in your resume.

4.      Speak with confidence.

5.      Practice your answers and body language in front of a mirror. Even if most interviews take place virtually, body language still comes through the camera.

6.      Ask questions.

7.      It is very important for you to find out if Wind River is the right place for you.

8.      Don't forget to have fun!

We are always hiring. Check out our career site:  www.windriver.com/company/careers.

About Wind River's Victor Fallas and Recruitment

I am a Talent and Campus Recruitment Coordinator here at Wind River. I have been with the company for about a year and four months. I found out about Wind River while browsing for new career opportunities on LinkedIn and a role came up in the "recommendations" section. After a quick chat with someone who ultimately became my manager, I just felt like Wind River was the place for me. During our conversation, my interviewer conveyed so much passion and love for the company that I could feel she truly supported Wind Rivers' mission and vision. Now that I have been here for over a year, I can see that she was so right because I now feel the exact same way.

Victor was recently promoted to Supervisor for Recruiting Operations!