Team Collaboration

Wind River Studio cloud-based tools and capabilities help change the way teams develop software to increase velocity, quality, and productivity.

Wind River Studio Team Collaboration Solutions

Cloud-Based Development

Migrating your embedded software development to the cloud with Studio provides the benefit of ubiquitous access, easy developer onboarding, resource scalability, and sharing that enables teams to collaborate and become more productive.

Pipeline Manager

Create customizable workflow automation pipelines to create, share, manage, and trigger embedded software development pipelines. Automate the configuration, build, scan, and test processes for intelligent systems.

Command Line Interface and APIs

In addition to a web-based GUI, Studio offers a command-line interface for writing workflow scripts and enabling automation. Utilize flexible APIs to integrate custom tools into Studio. Power users benefit from the productivity and control of these CLI and API interfaces.

Application Development Environment

Produce application development SDKs for VxWorks® and Wind River Linux. Developers can use the popular Visual Studio Code environment and extensions to enable a simple, familiar, and customizable interface.

Virtual Lab

A cloud-native reservation system hosts embedded hardware targets and large-scale simulation resources. Eliminate bottlenecks due to access to hardware and test targets by pooling them as shared, high-availability resources for test and debugging.

Test Automation Framework

Studio provides easy-to-use automated test plans using a curated collection of tests for Wind River embedded operating systems. Create, manage, and execute large numbers of automated tests.

Change the way your teams develop software

Develop embedded software projects in the cloud and gain the advantages of ubiquitous 24/7 access and greater collaboration for distributed teams. Standardize and reuse build and test configurations and assets across projects and teams. Easily access and scale software and hardware resources as projects ramp up or change lifecycle phases.

Deliver higher-quality software

Utilize automation test frameworks and standard tools such as code quality scanning and performance and regression testing, to improve the quality of software deliverables. Customize and configure workflows to add in-house and third-party test technologies. Access virtual and hardware resources seamlessly for testing.

Deliver software faster

Build extensible and automated delivery pipelines that allow teams to orchestrate custom workflows for greater productivity. Pipeline enables continuous integration and testing to identify defects earlier in the development and delivery process. Release software deliverables faster, on schedule, and with higher quality.

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