Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)

Wind River Studio provides a unique way of automating your embedded software development process using a well-integrated set of tools delivered via a cloud-based infrastructure.

Build a CI/CD software factory with embedded Linux, the industry's leading RTOS, and integrated development tools.

Now you can bridge the gap between today’s best software development practices and the unique world of embedded software development. Wind River® Studio comes with operating environment platforms and a framework to author new build pipelines as well as add to existing build processes using pre-built and custom pipeline blocks. Customized CI/CD workflows can be implemented for platform developers, application developers, and testers.

Wind River Studio CI/CD Solutions

Pipeline Manager

Customizable workflow automation framework to create, manage, schedule, and trigger customized embedded software development pipelines. Automate the configuration, build, scan, and test processes for intelligent systems.

Wind River Studio Gallery

Curated collection of technologies and tools that can extend Studio software development pipelines with customizable third-party components.

Command Line Interface and APIs

Command-line interface for writing workflow scripts and enabling automation. Utilize flexible APIs to integrate custom tools into Studio.

Platform Configuration and Build Systems

Cloud-native approach to simplify the configuration process and build VxWorks®, Linux, and multi-OS virtualized environments.

Virtual Lab

Cloud-native reservation system hosting embedded hardware targets and large-scale simulation resources. Ensures that dispersed development teams have high availability of embedded targets to debug and test.

Test Automation Framework

Framework for creating, managing, and executing hundreds of automated test plans using a curated collection of tests for Wind River embedded operating systems.

Application Development Environment

Ability to produce application development SDKs for VxWorks and Wind River Linux, and use Visual Studio Code and extensions to enable a simple, familiar, and customizable interface for application developers.

Repositories and Container Registry

Cloud-hosted artifact repository to access and share build output. Cloud-hosted Git environment to manage software source code. Container registry for device-level application containers.

Over-the-Air Updates

Tools for remote and secure orchestration and automation of multi-device software update campaigns.

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Build simple or complex processes to match your automation needs

Combine tools in an automated and customizable pipeline to streamline the build, test, and deployment of software.

See how to configure building blocks with project-specific details related to OS image and target hardware.

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Processes to match your automation needs


Studio’s Pipeline Manager uses interchangeable building blocks of tools to customize, automate, and streamline development workflows.

See how Pipeline Manager can be set up to include source code analysis scanning tools.

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Built for embedded systems

The Studio cloud-native environment is uniquely built for developing embedded device software platforms and applications, with cross-compiling build systems, an embedded device test lab, and visibility into the end-to-end workflow to diagnose complex problems in customized pipelines.

Customizable pipeline automation

Select new curated services and tools from Studio’s Gallery environment or integrate your own proprietary tool using Studio’s Pipeline Manager, command-line interfaces, and APIs to build customized software pipelines specific to your organization’s needs.

Leverage the leading software for embedded

Leverage the leading software for embedded

Studio is curated for, and packaged with, the market-leading VxWorks RTOS and Wind River Linux. You get the best in tools and embedded operating systems, supported by one organization motivated to help you succeed.

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What Is DevOps?

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