Embedded Software Build Systems

Wind River Studio gives developers building embedded software platforms a modern and scalable approach that leverages the power of the cloud and versatile development methodologies.

Embedded software build systems need a modern approach that leverages the scale and processing power of the cloud.

Developers are looking for a more efficient way of building Linux and RTOS images that ensure higher code quality and performance for a production-ready solution. Wind River® Studio offers an integrated cloud-native build system for VxWorks® and embedded Linux.

VxWorks Build System

The Studio build system for VxWorks offers a cloud-native approach to building and configuring the popular VxWorks real-time operating system from a web browser.

Linux Build System

The Studio build system for Linux allows Linux platform teams to build and configure customized and secure Linux-based edge devices using a cloud-native interface.

Embedded Software Containers

Studio provides cloud-native container support for VxWorks with an industry-standard OCI-compliant container engine, and Linux support for Docker and container orchestrators such as Kubernetes.

Development Security and Device Security

Secure, permissions-based cloud access to a collaborative build system allows developers to configure the security settings for devices targeted from edge deployment.

Git Integration and Artifact Repository

Integrated with the Studio build system are a Git repository for source code and configuration data management and artifact repository for storing build images. These services enable sharing and collaboration around all the inputs and outputs of the build process.

VxWorks Build System


Studio makes building VxWorks images faster and more efficient by automating the build system.

See how platform development teams can easily create images of VxWorks — the industry’s leading RTOS — for any project.

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Studio leverages the power of the cloud to help platform developers quickly build Wind River Linux images.

See how easily a complex Linux project can be created and made ready for application development.

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Build integration with Studio Pipeline Manager

The Studio build systems are integrated with Studio Pipeline Manager to automate the process of building an operating system platform into an overall software development pipeline that incorporates the latest configuration data, applications, and tests. Pipeline Manager has an intuitive user interface that allows you to simply add a building block into a Studio pipeline when creating or updating a workflow.

License compliance and software bill of materials (SBOM)

Knowing the “ingredients” of the software installed on any system or device can save hundreds of hours in the risk analysis, vulnerability management, and remediation processes. Studio can help you meet your IP and export compliance requirements and significantly reduce your operational costs. Pre-generated artifacts help you comply with regulatory standards and mandates. An SBOM tool provides a formal record containing the details and supply chain relationships of various proprietary, open source, and third-party components used in your uniquely configured OS image.

Application development with Visual Studio Code

The Studio build systems generate application software development kits (SDKs). These packages, which are output from a build, can be used with the command line to build and run applications for a specific OS configuration or can be used with the popular VS Code environment from Microsoft. SDKs allow developers already familiar with VS Code to access a host of third-party extensions that they can leverage to customize their application development environments to meet their needs and preferences.