The Cloud-Connected Future: An Interview with Nicolas Chaillan

Nicolas Chaillan, the first chief software officer for the U.S. Air Force and Space Force, breaks down how U.S. A&D learned about agility, rapid prototyping, and innovation in the software-defined world. Chaillan, who brought DevSecOps to the DOD, explains a framework for cybersecurity, machine learning, and AI at the device level.

Chaillan is a technology entrepreneur, software developer, cyber expert, and inventor. He has nearly two decades of domestic and international experience in cybersecurity, software development, product innovation, governance, risk management, and compliance. Join his discussion with Wind River® Senior Director for Product Management Michel Chabroux about best practices and real-world examples. View the entire session above, or pick and choose the sections you’re most interested in below.

Nicolas Chaillan

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