Wind River Helix
Virtualization Platform
for C4ISR Solutions

Product Overview

Consolidate Mission-Critical Capabilities onto an Integrated C4ISR Solution

At the center of an integrated C4ISR system are cutting-edge virtualization technologies, processors, and sensors that seamlessly integrate connectivity, smart situational awareness, and enhanced decision making for the connected warfighter. Wind River® Helix Virtualization Platform provides a single compute platform for the needed software interoperability coupled with robust cybersecurity capabilities.

Challenges in C4ISR

Connected operational environments integrate air, space, land, sea, and cyber capabilities, a system-of-systems approach that brings together heterogeneous capabilities from across complex combat environments. But the lack of interoperability of distributed components makes data sharing and communication difficult, if not impossible. And in order to ensure that all end points of the system cannot be breached, the C4ISR platform must also have the ability to detect and combat cyberattacks.

How Helix Platform Can Help

Helix Platform is an adaptive software development environment for aerospace and defense systems that enables multiple heterogeneous applications, from in-vehicle integrated intercom systems to satellite command systems, to run securely side by side on a single compute platform. Applications can be legacy or new capability, based on industry standards such as POSIX® or FACE or based on operating systems such as Linux, VxWorks®, containers, and other technologies.

USE CASE: Consolidate Mission-Critical Capabilities onto a Common Platform That Delivers Integrated End-to-End C4ISR Solutions

Face conformance

Virtualization Platform has achieved conformance to the latest Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Technical Standard, Edition 3.0. The certification establishes Helix Platform conformance as an Operating System Segment (OSS) that supports the Safety Base and Security Profile.

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