Wind River Diab Compiler Evaluation

Produce high-quality, standards-compliant object code for embedded systems.

Thank you for your interest in the Wind River® Diab Compiler Evaluation. Please fill out our form to receive an email with instructions to download the evaluation.

This evaluation version of Diab Compiler will give you the opportunity to test-drive our industry-leading compiler and optimization technology. Diab Compiler provides the flexibility and control you need to take advantage of today's complex CPUs. Our relationship with our silicon partners makes it possible for us to provide highly optimized compilers for new silicon with short lead times—thus enabling you to immediately gain maximum performance from your compiler/silicon investment.


Diab Compiler Tools

  • Driver: Intelligent wrapper program that invokes the compiler, assembler, and linker
  • Assembler: Macro assembler that is invoked automatically by the driver program or as a complete standalone assembler generating object modules
  • Linker: Precise control of allocation, placement, and alignment of code and data
  • Runtime libraries: C/C++, floating point, and math libraries
  • Archiver/librarian: Creation and maintenance of libraries
  • Instruction set simulator: Simulation of the core instructions of the target processor, allowing it to run C and C++ programs with the simulated environment
  • Eclipse/CDT plugin: Project creation and building with Diab Compiler in Eclipse
  • Documentation: Extensive documentation specific to the chosen architecture, with all manuals available in PDF formats; detailed "Getting Started" manual enables users to get up to speed quickly and enhances the out-of-the-box experience

Supported Target Architectures

  • ARM
  • Intel Architecture/Pentium
  • MIPS
  • PowerPC
  • RH850
  • TriCore