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Managed services provided by an outside engineering group means intelligent edge tasks are taken care of, so you can focus on value-added features and capabilities.


Managed services tasks usually consist of noncore engineering work that is necessary but ties up valuable resources. A customer can also use managed services engineering experts to work on areas where the in-house team has little to no experience.

Relying on proven technologies and outsourcing chosen development and operational processes is a strategy that successful companies embrace in order to compete. Research and Markets reports that it expects the managed services market to show a CAGR of approximately 11.27% between 2020 and 2025, citing rapidly increasing digitization and shifts to cloud computing as the growth drivers.

Why are we good at managed services?
Wind River® has a deep bench of technical experts who can provide immediate short- and long-term assistance with projects at any stage of development and deployment.

What makes us unique in managed services?
We can handle any need, including:

Custom content: We maintain a Wind River Linux or VxWorks® unique software platform build, customizing the hardware BSP and runtime. Benefit from bug fixes, security patch monitoring, and dedicated access to Wind River experts.

Frozen branch: We maintain an older version of Wind River Linux or VxWorks code branch and provide current bug fixes and security patches.

On-demand engineering: Our experts help customers, on demand, with custom engineering work on hardware and software projects — including undefined tasks during development or deployment phases.

Binary release: We build and maintain Wind River Linux or VxWorks code and provide fully tested binary images ready for deployment, with source code and assistance with new development work.

Legacy projects: We support legacy projects, whether or not they run on Wind River.

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