Wind River Introduces New Safety Critical Platform for DO-178B and IEC 61508 Standards

ALAMEDA, Calif. — August 24, 2010 — Wind River, a world leader in embedded and mobile software, today announced Wind River VxWorks Cert Platform, a combination of Wind River's existing VxWorks DO-178B and IEC 61508 safety critical platforms in one product offering. The new software platform introduces support for C++ and real-time processes (RTP) providing more flexibility in programming and design and enabling improved compatibility with existing, imported or reused code.

In combining these software platforms, Wind River directly addresses increasing demand for real-time operating systems with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) safety certification evidence across multiple market segments, including aviation, industrial automation and control, transport, medical, and energy. In these market segments, government and regulatory bodies are requiring more rigorous certification methods and processes to help ensure system safety.

Wind River VxWorks Cert Platform features the following:

  • Support for C++ and RTPs enable more diverse applications to be ported into a safety critical platform. The support of C++ allows object-oriented programming while RTPs provide memory-protected process programming, which improves robustness and eases system integration and testing.

  • COTS certification evidence for RTCA DO-178B and IEC 61508 is packaged in a separate, sealed DVD with independent certification artifacts.

  • The latest Wind River Workbench development tools suite and on-chip debugging solutions, enabling developers to utilize the latest embedded development and unit testing technologies for their safety critical projects.

"The need for safety systems are becoming more prevalent, however, customers have limited choices when choosing certified off-the-shelf solutions," said Marc Brown, vice president of marketing and strategy for VxWorks products at Wind River. "By combining our platforms, we’re making additional benefits and innovations from different safety critical markets available to each other and providing a solution that simplifies the customer's decision-making process. With new offerings such as Wind River VxWorks Cert Platform, we continue to innovate and invest in the embedded safety critical software market, to help customers overcome obstacles in getting to market with their own solutions."

"Wind River and Presagis have been working together closely to ensure strong product interoperability between the VxWorks Cert Platform and the Presagis SeaWind-178 and VAPS XT-178 products," said Robert Kopersiewich, vice president and product segment lead of embedded graphics at Presagis. "We believe C++ object-oriented tools are the future in certified avionics application development and this new release from Wind River, combined with Presagis product integration and support, will further help our shared customers meet their innovative project requirements."

"As a long-standing certification partner to Wind River, Verocel is proud to create the extensive catalog of certification evidence for global certified programs," said George Romanski, chief executive officer at Verocel. "Safety critical devices have very extensive life spans, and customers are looking for long-term partners like Wind River. Wind River's advancements and investment in COTS certification programs speak volumes about their continued commitment to the safety critical market."

Wind River VxWorks Cert Platform is available now to customers worldwide. As part of combining its VxWorks DO-178B Platform and VxWorks 61508 Platform, Wind River will no longer offer these separate, standalone platforms. To learn more about VxWorks Cert Platform, visit

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