Wind River Drives the Connected World With Next Generation Platform for Industrial Automation and Platform for Industrial Devices

ALAMEDA, Calif. January 26, 2004 - Wind River Systems, Inc (NASDAQ: WIND), the worldwide market leader in embedded software and services, today announced its next generation WIND RIVER®PLATFORM FOR INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION 2.0 (PLATFORM IA) and WIND RIVER®PLATFORM FOR INDUSTRIAL DEVICES 2.0 (PLATFORM ID). The new Platforms for the industrial market focus on connectivity between the enterprise to device and device to device through new technologies such as Web services and USB 2.0. Customers will also benefit from increased performance and reliability with the latest release.

"Within the industrial market, Web services has emerged as a technology standard to connect devices to the enterprise," said Dave Fraser, chief marketing officer, Wind River. "By supporting Web services in the industrial platforms, Wind River continues its commitment to deliver increased technology and innovation, year over year."

Device to Enterprise Connectivity

Industrial systems today require a collaborative infrastructure enabling embedded devices performing control and measurement functions to exchange data with enterprise computers running applications such as monitoring or resource planning. XML, SOAP, and WSDL are the key enabling technologies for achieving global interconnectivity through industry-wide Web services standards. PLATFORM IA and PLATFORM ID support for Web services complements the additional support for enterprise connectivity including SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Web Server and OPC (OLE for Process Control).

Device-to-Device Connectivity

Improving the efficiency of industrial systems also requires standard based, reliable and optimized connectivity between devices. Such connectivity standards include Ethernet and CAN (Controller Area Network) as a foundation for control networks and USB for peripherals and PC connectivity. PLATFORM IA and PLATFORM ID 2.0 add support for USB 2.0, increase TCP/IP performance and reliability, and extend CAN chipset support.

"Customers are increasingly understanding the power of using information beyond its original scope to produce superior business results. Rockwell Automation has designed Logix products and its 'Integrated Architecture' to offer a wide range of open, flexible communication options to support the flow of information formerly trapped on the factory floor. Wind River understands real-time information flow and they are able to supply us with viable solutions that address both our needs and those of our customers," said Ken Deken, Vice-President and General Manager, Logix-Netlinx-Kinetix Businesses, Rockwell Automation.

With PLATFORM IA and PLATFORM ID, device manufacturers in the industrial market are able to focus their time and resources on developing their core strengths and key differentiators rather than solving time-consuming inefficiencies associated with the availability, integration and performance of embedded foundation software. Additionally, because Wind River offers an annual subscription-licensing model, existing customers that have already standardized on PLATFORM IA and PLATFORM ID will automatically receive these new features as part of their subscription.


PLATFORM IA is an integrated embedded platform designed for the rapid development of reliable, connected, and manageable industrial automation devices. It integrates the necessary foundational software to quickly design, develop and deploy such devices. PLATFORM IA is based on the proven reliable VxWorks real-time operating system and powerful development tools. Devices can easily connect to fieldbus and Ethernet-based factory-floor networks, supervisory systems, business applications and the Internet. PLATFORM IA is made for designers of factory automation applications, ranging from programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to robotics and process control equipment. To learn more about WIND RIVER PLATFORM FOR INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION, please visit


PLATFORM ID is the only integrated embedded integrated platform available for industrial device development. It integrates all the necessary foundational software to quickly build more efficient devices including a real-time operating system, industrial connectivity, graphics and device management components. It is particularly suited for developing building automation, power generation & distribution, medical, transportation, and test & measurement systems. To learn more about WIND RIVER PLATFORM FOR INDUSTRIAL DEVICES, please visit

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