Wind River Extends its Leadership in Device Software Optimization

  • Major expansion to Wind River Platform
  • Partnership with Red Hat
  • Releases VxWorks 6.0 and Wind Power IDE 2
  • Expands subscription-based enterprise licensing model to include production free option

ALAMEDA, Calif. – February 23, 2004 - Wind River Systems [NASDAQ: WIND], the global leader in device software optimization (DSO), today significantly expanded its Platform and extended its leadership in device software optimization. DSO is the industry strategy that (a) minimizes the inefficiencies and complexities in the device software development process, (b) maximizes the reliability, security, and interoperability of devices and (c) accelerates the standardization of device development, release and enhancement across multiple environments.

By standardizing on a Wind River Platform – a tightly integrated set of operating systems, development tools and industry-specific middleware with services – companies benefit from device software optimization, gaining the ability to develop and run device software faster, better, less expensively and more reliably.

"A new chapter for Wind River begins today with our partnership with Red Hat and with significant technological upgrades of core Wind River technology, VxWorks and Wind Power IDE," said Ken Klein, chairman, chief executive and president of Wind River. "Wind River is committed to enabling device software optimization by providing our customers with Wind River Platforms based on industry standards – VxWorks and Linux."

In support of DSO, Wind River's strategic announcements include:

  • Red Hat Partnership - Wind River and Red Hat, industry leaders, align to create a Red Hat Embedded Linux for the device software optimization market. Red Hat's Enterprise Linux Code Base will form the basis of future Linux based Wind River Platforms, which will also include Wind River's industry-leading development tools, middleware and services. For more information, see today's release:

  • Linux Based Platforms - Wind River is committed to integrating its industry leading development tools, middleware and service capabilities to offer complete solutions around a Linux based Platform. For more information, please visit

  • VxWorks 6.0 - Wind River's next generation RTOS provides significant extensions to the capabilities of VxWorks 6.0, including MMU-based memory protection and scalable message passing architecture that enables VxWorks to communicate with Linux as well as other technologies. Through these capabilities, VxWorks 6.0 enables new levels of openness, service and reliability. For more information, see today's release:

  • Wind Power IDE 2 - Wind Power IDE 2, built upon the Eclipse open framework, extends support for VxWorks and Linux—the standards in device software development—as well as additional operating systems. Combining the strengths of Wind River development tools and the Eclipse framework, Wind Power IDE 2 integrates best in class device software development capabilities into an open environment that can be used across a range of projects to drive software optimization, increased collaboration and a more productive development. For more information, see today's release:

  • Production free licensing option - Wind River has expanded its enterprise licensing options to include a per-seat subscription model with no production licenses. By expanding Wind River's subscription based licensing model, customers can now choose between the "shared success" model that includes production license fees or a pure "per-seat" subscription model without production licenses. Customers can benefit from increased flexibility over how they budget and expense their product development costs, particularly between R&D expense and cost of goods expense. For more information, please visit

"Linux is an undeniable force in IT today, and Wind River has taken all the right steps toward embracing it, "said Ross Mauri, General Manager, e-business on demand, IBM. "As embedded Linux matures, the realm of possibilities for embedded operating systems will only grow, and Wind River has put itself into a strong position to be able to take advantage of the growth opportunity."

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Wind River is the global leader in device software optimization (DSO). Wind River enables companies to develop and run software faster, better, less expensively and more reliably. Wind River Platforms tightly integrate a rich set of market-leading operating systems, development tools and middleware with services to provide a complete foundation that meets the specific requirements of a vertical market. Wind River's products and professional services are used in multiple markets including aerospace and defense, automotive, digital consumer, industrial, and network infrastructure. Companies from around the world turn to Wind River to create the most reliable products and to accelerate their time to market.

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