Wind River Expands Consumer Electronics Development Services Capability with Digital Media Framework

NAB -- LAS VEGAS, Nev., April 24, 2001 - Wind River Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:WIND), a leading provider of software and services for connected smart devices, today announced its Digital Media FrameworkTM. Used in conjunction with Wind River's engineering development services, the Digital Media Framework is a development environment and methodology designed to reduce consumer electronics manufacturer's time-to-market by providing development tools, functional modularity, and platform migration. Consumer electronics manufacturers will be able to effectively apply their time and resources toward product differentiation rather than continually recreating the basic functionality of next generation devices.

One industry that benefits from a unified development environment is the digital set-top box market, which continues to evolve and incorporates new technology such as digital video recording and network connectivity (DOCSIS, 802.11, V.90, etc.). Combined with the digital media development expertise of Wind River's engineers, Digital Media Framework's enabling technology will accelerate the adaptation of these innovative capabilities to existing and emerging digital media standards and middleware structures. This framework is a comprehensive design environment consisting of an event management subsystem, functional libraries, simulation environment, and test scripts. The technology combines operating system tools with integrated drivers and creates a toolkit with:

  • a modular architecture permitting rapid configuration and change control to the end hardware

  • a platform-independent, scaleable architecture that can be extended to support multiple middleware platforms

  • a hardware independent simulation environment that allows application development prior to hardware completion

  • easy addition of future implementations including MHP (Multimedia Home Platform), DASE (Digital TV Applications Software Environment), and OCAP (OpenCable Applications Platform), among others

  • standard and consistent system event manager, aiding structured development and simplified debug

"Silicon and middleware vendors are increasingly spending a disproportionate amount of resources on porting activities," said Kamran Sokhanvari, vice president of global operations and service. "Our goal is to provide both the technology and the development services that will enable our clients to move their digital media development to the next level. Combined with Wind River's unparalleled real-time operating system, integrated design environment, compatible partner technology and our extensive digital entertainment expertise, the Digital Media Framework will allow Wind River customers to make value-added next generation smart devices much more efficiently."

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