Coverity and Wind River Bring Development Testing for Security to Embedded Software Development

News Highlights

  • Coverity and Wind River team to integrate development testing for embedded software security, making it easier and faster to find and fix security vulnerabilities in embedded device software while applications are being written.
  • Coverity to offer evaluation edition of Coverity® Static Analysis pre-configured for Wind River Workbench to integrate security into the existing development workflow.
  • Collaboration joins market leaders with combined track record of over 3,000 customers, more than 1 billion embedded systems using Wind River technology and more than 11 billion products tested with Coverity for quality and security defects prior to shipping.

SAN FRANCISCO AND ALAMEDA, Calif. - January 24, 2012 – Coverity, the leader in development testing, and Wind River, a world leader in embedded and mobile software, have teamed to integrate Coverity’s development testing platform for security with Wind River’s embedded software.

Coverity will offer an evaluation edition of Coverity® Static Analysis, pre-configured for Wind River Workbench, supporting both Wind River Linux and Wind River’s VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS). This combined solution enables development teams to build security into the embedded software development process and effectively address security vulnerabilities as software code is written.

According to various market estimates, it’s expected that by 2020 there will be 50 billion connected devices worldwide. As embedded devices become more connected and mobile, from medical devices to avionics and defense systems, they have become the next vector for security threats. The collaboration between Coverity and Wind River joins leaders in embedded software development and development testing. Wind River has a unique advantage within the embedded industry with its comprehensive software portfolio. Coverity automatically scans source code for security and quality defects, exposing them in the developer’s existing workflow and greatly reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities making their way into the field.

“Our development testing roots began in embedded software, and today over 1,100 of the world’s largest device manufacturers and software companies rely on Coverity to help prevent critical defects,” said Jennifer Johnson, Vice President of Marketing at Coverity. “We are excited to join forces with Wind River, a pioneer in embedded software, making it easier than ever to build security into the development process without impacting rapid delivery schedules.”

“Increased security threats and continued growth of embedded device connectivity create an urgent need to address security during development,” said Marc Brown, Vice President of Tools and Marketing Operations, Products Group at Wind River. “Together with Coverity, we are providing embedded developers with powerful solutions to rapidly and efficiently identify and tackle software security flaws in their workflow and dramatically curb potential security issues down the road.”

“Development teams are under constant time to market pressure and security is often overlooked,” said Theresa Lanowitz, Co-founder of voke, inc. “The integration of Coverity and Wind River is transforming the testing market by empowering embedded development teams to address security earlier than ever before, in the same way as quality, greatly reducing the business risk of brand damage and revenue loss associated with security vulnerabilities.”

Coverity’s product offerings complement Wind River’s broader security portfolio comprising secure operating environments, testing software, and industry expertise. Development teams in search of a complete testing solution can use Coverity to detect and fix errors during the coding phase of development before passing applications to quality assurance teams, and then use Wind River Test Management, including specific packages for security, a test automation system for embedded device software testing, to run dynamic tests during the quality assurance phase of the lifecycle.


  • Sign up for the evaluation edition of Coverity Static Analysis with Wind River support.

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  • Visit Coverity and Wind River at RSA 2012 next month, February 27—March 3, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Booth #555.

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