The Engine of the Intelligent Edge: Part 4
How to Select
an RTOS How to Select an RTOS

Today’s emerging economy — highly connected, highly intelligent, and highly automated — requires a technology foundation that is highly responsive and resilient. RTOSes, built to deliver precision with little to no latency, are well positioned to provide these capabilities.

The following are guidelines for selecting and implementing RTOSes:13

Guidelines for Selecting and Implementing RTOSes

The Engine of the Intelligent Edge: Part 5
Key Questions to Ask About
Your Real-Time Operating System Key Questions to Ask Your Real-Time Operating System

Managing sophisticated functions on the edge means that development implications are evolving rapidly. In addition to the challenges, there are many rising opportunities.

Ask yourself these five key questions as a team, including development, business, strategy, and operational members. Using a simple scale from 1 (yes, or extremely relevant) to 5 (no, or completely irrelevant), calibrate how fully you are maximizing your opportunities.

If you score between 4 and 5 for any question, reread these pages to see whether you are considering all the possibilities raised by employing RTOSes in embedded projects.


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