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Built on the World's Most Widely Adopted RTOS, VxWorks

Wind River Platform for Medical Devices is comprised of technology solutions designed to meet the unique needs of medical device manufacturers. Built on Wind River's VxWorks, which is approval-ready for medical devices up to Class III, the platform alleviates developer challenges with ready-to-use security, safety, and scalability functionality. Platform customers receive a compliance package with the documentation necessary for companies to get medical approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Flexible VxWorks RTOS
Built on a highly scalable, deterministic, hard real-time kernel, VxWorks enables companies to scale and optimize their run-time environments using only the specific technologies required by their devices. From the smallest footprint requirement to the highest performance level, VxWorks gives developers the flexibility to build their optimal medical solution quickly and easily while meeting cost, quality, and functionality requirements.

Vendor Qualification Summary
Wind River Platform for Medical Devices provides a comprehensive vendor qualification summary that fits right in with your risk-based supplier qualification. This summary includes descriptions of the controls and processes Wind River uses to design and develop its platform components. Having this qualification summary prepared in advance for your project is a clear way to reduce time, risk, and costs.

Enabling Safety and Security
To build safe and secure medical devices, VxWorks not only helps identify potential failure conditions but aids in mitigating the risks. The security protocols such as IPsec and IKE can be used in combinations to help provide secure applications that require access control, authentication, or privacy.

Multi-core Support
Wind River Platform for Medical Devices features multi-core support capabilities within the operating system, network stack, and development tools to provide the easiest path to multi-core technology for embedded software developers. The multi-core-enabling capability of the VxWorks platforms is complemented by Wind River's unmatched service and support capabilities.


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