Safer and More Cost-Efficient Medical Device Development

Software has become the key differentiator for medical device manufacturers. It is a vital element of devices ranging from blood analyzers to medical imaging systems to intensive-care ventilators. But with the rise of embedded software comes a dramatic rise in complexity. How will you master the intricacies of developing and testing sophisticated medical devices, while remaining compliant with safety standards and regulations? How will you increase the performance and reliability of your devices, without increasing your project budget or missing your market window?

Wind River has the right technologies and the right expertise to make software part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Wind River is uniquely qualified to help you meet all relevant safety requirements; standardize on open platforms to simplify and future-proof development; and save money through consolidation while taking advantage of next-generation technologies.

Simply put, we'll help you build on a solid foundation that can readily respond to change—in technologies, in safety regulations, and in customer requirements. See for yourself. With Wind River's help, you'll find a way to deliver safe devices, on time and on budget.




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