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Intrinsic-ID is the world's leading digital authentication company and the inventor of SRAM Physical Unclonable Function or SRAM PUF. Intrinsic-ID leverages inherent manufacturing variations in chips to create unique IDs and keys to authenticate chips, data, devices, and systems. Since a unique ID can be extracted easily from SRAM with Intrinsic-ID's technology, adding authentication and key provisioning is much less expensive than with current methods; no additional hardware is needed. Due to the low cost of implementing SRAM PUF and the critical need for security, Intrinsic-ID's authentication technology is ideally positioned to address the needs of the fast-growing IoT market. Intrinsic-ID's solutions are used worldwide to validate payment systems, secure connectivity, authenticate sensors, and protect sensitive government and military data and systems.

Intrinsic-ID and Wind River collaborate to integrate PUF-based key management into VxWorks to enable secure storage, management, and provisioning of cryptographic keys for IoT devices

Intrinsic ID's PUF-based key management for VxWorks provides the most secure key vault in an IoT device, without the need for adding secure elements or other dedicated hardware. Customers can leverage the unique physical characteristics of each device to protect their credentials and assets and establish device identities for secure connection to the cloud. Features include hardware fingerprint for authentication and identification, flexible key provisioning and hardware-based key storage and hardware/software binding to protect IP.

  • Platform-independent security tied to the OS, for pervasive use of Wind River customers
  • Hardware-based security layer enabled by adding the software library to the OS without a change to the hardware
  • Flexible key provisioning for system OEMs by not requiring keys burned into the chip during manufacturing
  • Security technology evaluated and certified by EU and U.S. security labs

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710 Lakeway Drive, Suite 150, Sunnyvale, CA, United States, 94085
(650) 218-3591

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Aerospace & Defense

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