Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation Accelerates Time-to-Market with Wind River

Global Leader Standardizes on Wind River

Video: Rockwell Automation chooses Wind River as partner to achieve its vision

“The relationship with Wind River has been valuable to us because we’ve been able to standardize many of the interfaces and code and tools from a single vendor, which allows us to be as efficient as possible and achieve economies of scale that we couldn’t with multiple vendors.”

—Scot Tutkovics, Vice President of Engineering, Rockwell Automation


Rockwell Automation is a global provider of industrial power, control, and information systems. Rockwell Automation’s vision of the future is what the company refers to as the connected enterprise—the harnessing of all the data in an industrial automation system in a factory environment, and getting access to that data to make decisions to improve the overall efficiency of the entire enterprise. Rockwell wanted to find a trustworthy partner that had strong reputation and a lot of experience in the industry to help it fulfill its vision.


Since 1999, Wind River® has helped Rockwell Automation meet its needs. Today, the company is using VxWorks®, Wind River Linux, Wind River virtualization, and communication stacks. Rockwell Automation has been able to standardize many of the interfaces, codes, and tools that come from a single vendor such as Wind River, which allows it to be as efficient as possible.


Rockwell Automation is able to accelerate its software development cycle, getting newer and faster hardware solutions to market while reusing much of the investment the company put into its software development. Taking advantage of Wind River domain expertise and competencies frees up the company’s engineers to focus on what they do best.