Virtualized OS

Simplify, secure, and future-proof your critical infrastructure solution with a virtualization platform that consolidates multi-OS and mixed-criticality applications onto a single edge compute software platform.

Modernizing Legacy Systems for Intelligence at the Edge

The demand for more intelligence at the edge while supporting legacy applications requires industries to adapt quickly to modern software and cloud deployment practices while maintaining dedicated, long-standing software. To meet these challenges, Wind River Studio provides Wind River Helix™ Virtualization Platform. Helix Platform allows legacy software to remain unchanged while running alongside new applications, providing a consistent, scalable, and agile platform across a wide range of edge devices.

Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform Benefits


Support for Multiple Use Cases

  • Highly regulated applications requiring robust time and space partitioning
  • Combining multiple workloads without certification requirements
  • Mixed criticality: Combining safety-certified with non-certified applications

Industry-Leading RTOS Technology

  • Robust time and space partitioning
  • Safety-certified functionality
  • Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) certification evidence
  • Trusted by over 9,000 companies
  • Used in over 550 safety certification programs

Support for Multiple OSes

  • VxWorks® RTOS
  • Wind River Linux
  • Open source Linux
  • Roll-your-own
  • Bare metal
  • Any unmodified guest OS

Reduced Cost, Complexity, and Risk

  • Support for a wide range of industry standards
  • Application consolidation and future-proofing
  • Robust partitioning
  • Wind River Workbench IDE and Wind River Simics® simulation

Easier Certification

  • ISO 26262 automotive safety
  • IEC 61508 industrial functional safety
  • DO-178C airborne system safety

Support for Multiple Architectures

  • Arm® and Intel® silicon platforms
  • Multi-core hardware support

Market-Specific Use Cases