Wind River Studio enables the deployment of critical infrastructure solutions using multiple operating systems, for safe and secure intelligent edge systems.

Modernize embedded systems using virtualization to host multiple operating systems on a single intelligent device.

Consolidate multiple legacy and new mixed-criticality systems and applications onto a single compute platform with Wind River® Helix Virtualization Platform, the virtualization solution in Wind River Studio. Save space, weight, and power while future proofing the overall solution.

Wind River Studio Virtualization Solutions

Multi-core Hardware Virtualization

Build multi-core virtualization solutions using Arm®-based systems-on-chip (SOCs) from Xilinx and NXP, as well as x86-based hardware from Intel®.

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Safety-Certifiable Software Virtualization

Studio virtualization is based on a Type 1 hypervisor that is safety certifiable to the highest level of functional safety standards, such as DO-178C DAL A for avionics, ISO 26262 ASIL-D for automotive, and IEC 61508 for industrial functional safety.

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Mixed-Criticality Partitioning

Consolidate multiple operating systems and deploy mixed-criticality applications on a single edge compute platform, reducing size, weight, and power (SWaP). Utilize the Helix Platform capabilities to achieve robust separation and mitigate multi-core interference.

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Multiple Guest Operating System Support

Utilize multiple OSes in one system, such as VxWorks®, Linux, bare metal, in-house bring-your-own, and even Android (coming soon) to run a variety of critical and noncritical applications. This preserves investment in existing applications and enables the adoption of open architectures.

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Low Latency and High Performance

Enable fast boot-up and near-native runtime performance for the most stringent applications with a true Type 1 and tickless hypervisor running directly on bare metal with direct access to physical hardware, with little to no overhead.

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The connected, autonomous, and electric vehicles of today require a new approach to designing the compute systems in cars.

Use Helix Platform to consolidate all types of functions and different levels of safety criticality into a single platform.

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Multiple operating systems for different use cases

Helix Platform is pre-integrated with the VxWorks RTOS and Wind River Linux guest operating systems to allow you to easily combine a real-time operating system to handle time-sensitive, low-latency process tasks with a Linux operating system to handle user interface and I/O tasks. Leverage the best of both types of operating systems within a single design.

Partitioning and freedom from interference

Helix Platform enables the consolidation of multiple OS environments and applications on the same compute platform, reducing SWaP requirements. A system architect can allocate hardware resources to achieve robust partitioning, mitigate potential multi-core interference, and prevent error propagation. Robust partitioning isolates guest operating systems, helping to prevent a total system failure if one partition stops working as expected. In automotive use cases, this concept of partitioning can typically be used to demonstrate freedom from interference.