Transition to Autonomous Systems with Wind River

Systems across the critical infrastructure landscape are evolving from automated to autonomous. While there are diverse views on when specific applications will make the leap from semiautonomous to fully autonomous, there can be no doubt that industry leaders are working now to bring autonomy to domains ranging from medical to transportation. Having the right foundational technology in place will be critical in order to make this leap.


While autonomous cars generate the majority of headlines, commercial and military drones, collaborative robotics or “cobotics,” and transportation systems ranging from rail to hyperloop will be built from the ground up to capitalize on the current wave of artificial intelligence and machine learning innovation to realize the vision of remarkably more efficient, more intelligent infrastructure.

Wind River® is uniquely positioned to help your business navigate this evolution with deep expertise across a broad range of critical infrastructure sectors, along with a software portfolio designed to orchestrate and consolidate workloads, bringing more intelligence to the edge.

With the industry-leading OS and virtualization technology needed to deploy safe, secure, and reliable autonomous systems, Wind River can accelerate your autonomous system development. Whether you’re a leader or fast follower, contact us now to find out how.



The evolution of commercial and military unmanned systems is driving autonomy in air, ground, and sea platforms. Open standards and open architectures are enabling the rapid integration of open source, legacy, third-party, and proprietary solutions into consolidated safe and secure platforms, using multi-core processors to increase capability while reducing size, weight, and power. Wind River is working with leading global companies to bring powerful next-generation autonomous systems to life.




Faced with a quickly approaching autonomous future, the auto industry must innovate rapidly to address an increasingly connected world while ensuring the highest levels of safety and reliability. Highly deterministic software and mission-critical expertise from Wind River can help the industry become more intelligent, safe, and secure in order to succeed in the era of the autonomous, software-defined car.




The Industrial Internet of Things continues to evolve and drive systems toward ever greater autonomy with innovations that also bring improvements in performance, connectivity, data analytics, control, and cost efficiencies. With virtualization software and solutions for workload consolidation, Wind River is driving this evolution and helping to create safer, more secure, and more reliable products and services in factories, hospitals, remote field locations, and homes.




Whether focused on positive train control for rail or logistics for fleet management, the Internet of Things is bringing innovative change to the transportation of people and products. Greater connectivity, control, data analytics, and operating efficiencies are providing safer, more secure, and more reliable movement across the globe. Wind River is delivering the proven real-time technology to power these evolving modes of transportation.




With a constant eye toward improving both customer experiences and operational efficiencies, the telecom industry is pursuing the goal of “zero-touch automation,” applying an autonomous approach to the entire lifecycle of network operations, including the planning, delivery, onboarding, monitoring, updating and, ultimately, decommissioning of services. Wind River can help customers streamline many aspects of telecom network automation.