Wind River Helix
Virtualization Platform
for Industrial

Product Overview

Digital Transformation for Industrial 4.0

Wind River® Helix Virtualization Platform brings new intelligence to equipment manufacturing, energy, transportation, and more. Its virtualization technology enables consolidation of applications, data analytics, communication, and operations for industrial systems to deliver Industrial 4.0 capabilities to the edge.

Challenges in Industrial

As manufacturers experience increasing competition, optimizing the efficiency, productivity, and quality levels within their processes or discrete manufacturing facilities is becoming a matter of business survival. Factory infrastructure is aged and inefficient, often using multiple separate systems based on 20-year-old software platforms. How can manufacturers reduce the cost and complexity of system management, maintenance, safety, and security? How can workers monitor and measure active processes, obtain real-time data analytics, and take action immediately?

How Helix Platform Can Help

Utilizing virtualization technology, Helix Platform can consolidate multiple separate control automation systems on a single compute platform. This application consolidation solution allows manufacturers to enable operational efficiencies, increase control management capabilities, analyze data for timely actions, and conduct predictive maintenance. The platform delivers high safety and security levels to equipment for the factory, distribution, energy, transportation, and other segments to safeguard system and operational personnel.

USE CASE: Evolve Control Automation Management Capabilities for Industry 4.0 Benefits