Wind River Announces New Solution for Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS)

ALAMEDA, Calif. — January 11, 2006 — Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), today announced a new solution for aerospace and defense (A&D) to provide customers with support for Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS). This new secure VxWorks platform provides a comprehensive MILS environment to developers for rapid deployment of co-resident secure and non-secure applications on a single MMU-partitioned microprocessor.

As future defense systems become more network-centric, secure communication is increasingly vital. Near real-time information must be delivered when and where it is needed, in a single, understandable format. Data must be aggregated on a single device across various joint forces, from various federal agencies, various coalition partners, and various security classification levels. To achieve this integration, systems must be architected from the ground up to separate data by security level and restrict access only to those users who are authorized.

To address this emerging market, Wind River is announcing a secure VxWorks platform, based on MILS concepts for a Secure Real Time Operating System (SRTOS) and targeted for certification to Evaluation Assurance Level 7 (EAL7) of the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation. This new SRTOS has the following key features:

  • Key MILS Capabilities:
    VxWork’s SRTOS will consist of a secure kernel based on the Separation Kernel Protection Profile, security policy database, reference monitor, secure audit log, provisions for secure boot and secure delivery, middleware layer suitable for drivers, file system, network stack, and all other common MILS components.

  • Robust Application and System Partitioning:
    Leveraging the proven, industrial experience of its VxWorks ARINC 653 product, Wind River’s secure VxWorks platform controls co-resident high and low security applications on a single microprocessor, using a time and space scheduler already reviewed by multiple safety auditors.

  • Rapid Configuration Tool:
    This VxWorks platform is bundled with an application configuration tool that enables the insertion of new applications and partition configurations without time-consuming re-qualification and re-testing of the entire system.

  • Driver Flexibility:
    To optimize both security and performance, MILS systems designers can place device drivers in kernel space, middleware partitions and/or application partitions.

  • Multiple Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs):
    To enable MILS designers to optimize application performance, the secure VxWorks platform provides multiple APIs, from a low-level Core OS Interface Library (COIL) to higher-level APIs, including industry standard interfaces and middleware APIs.

Wind River’s secure VxWorks platform with MILS capabilities is available to select customers today. To learn more about Wind River A&D technologies, please visit


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