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Aerospace & Defense Practice

Aerospace & defense device developers build large, complex systems on tight and demanding schedules. While you may spec out your piece of a project, it's often impossible to commit resources or build teams until a contract is awarded. Then the clock starts ticking: Your team needs to come up to speed quickly. Government standards and certifications have to be addressed. Your piece of the solution must interoperate with all the pieces that other teams are building. When the technology is mission-critical, your device has to perform with unerring reliability and predictability. Wind River Professional Services keeps A&D projects on target.


  • High-quality, on time, on budget. Our services team has proven expertise in completing device software projects for the aerospace & defense industry. We know how to manage complex development and integration tasks, ensuring excellent quality and timely delivery.
  • A reputation for success. Wind River, a global industry leader for more than two decades, has earned a reputation for delivering success, and this reputation is reinforced every time we work with our clients.
  • Insider ecosystem knowledge. Our consultants excel at configuring Wind River Platform for Safety Critical to perform optimally with our hardware and software partner's products. We leverage this in-depth knowledge to deliver the best solution for your business, cutting development costs and speeding time-to-revenue.