Wind River Supports the Battle Against COVID-19

Donating Software and Technical Expertise
to Accelerate Mission-Critical Innovation

A global leader with nearly four decades of experience powering the safest, most secure mission-critical systems in the world, Wind River® is opening up access to its IP and expertise for the industry to leverage. The initiative includes donating software and design and implementation services for companies manufacturing medical, 5G network, and industrial automation equipment that supports the global battle against COVID-19, including life-saving devices such as ventilators and patient monitors.


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Kevin Dallas - Chief Executive Officer & President, Wind River

Kevin Dallas
President & Chief Executive Officer,
Wind River



For a limited time, Wind River is offering the following tools, software, and services to those making a difference in the COVID-19 battle while facing challenges as they address working from home and technical upskilling.


For development of mission-critical systems: We will partner with current Wind River customers facing VxWorks® licensing challenges as a result of the transition to working from home (e.g., site-restricted perpetual licenses, node-locked license holders), relaxing such restrictions and limitations until June 20, 2020.

For quick prototyping of new designs for edge devices: The Wind River Linux commercial embedded platform is freely available for download on GitHub.

For access to virtual hardware targets through full system simulation: COVID-19 impacts hardware availability through both disruption of the supply chain and the transition to teams working from home, which can impact access to labs. To help address both issues, Wind River is offering current customers access to Wind River Simics,® our full-system simulator, until June 20, 2020.

For online mentoring and training to ensure teams working from home have access to the latest know-how and can deal with skill shortages: Select Wind River Education Services online courses* in our VxWorks, Linux, and Simics Essentials series will be available for free through June 20, 2020.

For expedited delivery of mission-critical systems: Wind River technical design and implementation services are available to those making a difference in the COVID-19 fight through June 20, 2020.

For continued technology innovation and experimentation: The Wind River Labs developer site offers a freely available VxWorks software developer kit (SDK) and access to cutting edge software projects, open source integrations, and new technologies. The SDK also includes an open source board support package for Raspberry Pi and UP Squared hardware for the developer community to innovate—and for the community of kids at home from school looking to explore and experiment.


Qualified customers and other companies interested in one or more of these offers should fill out the form below or email Mychal McCabe, VP Corporate Marketing, directly.


* Courses available under this offer are as follows:

VxWorks 7: Managing Projects in Workbench - VxWorks 7 Essentials: Workbench and Tools

VxWorks 7: Inter-task Communication - VxWorks 7 Essentials: Application Development

VxWorks 7: Using VxWorks Time Partition Scheduling - VxWorks 7 and Workbench Advanced Topics

Wind River Linux LTS: Modifying the Linux Kernel Packages - Wind River Linux LTS Essentials


Wind River Linux LTS: Becoming Productive With Wind River Linux - Wind River Linux LTS Essentials

Simics: Using Simics - Simics Essentials

Simics: Multi-Target Simulation and Networking - Simics Essentials

Simics: Modeling Devices - Topics in Simics